FA Cup Tickets

It’s every football fan’s dream to cheer their team on to FA Cup glory in a packed stadium.

  • Buy your FA Cup tickets early. There are tens of millions of football-mad Englishmen and only 89,000 seats available at the Wembley Stadium! FA Cup tickets are sold direct on a first-come first-served basis, and are also available online early in the season. If you’ve done some FA Cup betting and put money on your team, it is worth putting down some money on a semi-final or final ticket at the same time. Delay at your peril – although the practice is illegal, touts sell last round FA Cup tickets for thousands of pounds.
  • Buy tickets direct from clubs. The Football Association does not sell FA Cup tickets direct to the public, although some tickets are up for grabs as competition prizes. To ensure fair distribution of final round tickets, they are allocated to the competing clubs for distribution to fans and season ticket holders, as well as to other clubs that have participated in the relevant FA Cup season. A list of club links is available below.
  • Buy FA Cup tickets from online ticket exchanges. To prevent touts selling FA Cup tickets at outrageous prices, many football clubs have set up online ticket exchanges where season ticket holders can sell or exchange tickets at regulated prices.

Links to English FA Cup Ticketing Pages

If you are a neutral football lover, regularly spend money on FA Cup tickets and love to watch great clubs compete at the highest levels, you might consider putting your money into a ten-year license for a seat at Wembley. Better yet, if you work for a football-mad company, you could consider investing in a corporate box. For further information, contact the Wembley Stadium.