FA Cup Schedule

Qualifying rounds:

1st Round Qualifying
2nd Round Qualifying
3rd Round Qualifying
4th Round Qualifying

Chelsea's Arjen Robben, (L) John Terry, (2nd L) Frank Lampard (2nd R) and John Obi Mikel (R) celebrate after their team beat Manchester United 1-0 at Wembley Stadium in London Always something of a lottery, it's anyone's guess which of the 300-odd clubs participating in these rounds will make up the final 32 to progress through to the first round in the competition proper. The clubs playing at this level field amateur sides that rely on guts and passion to put them through each round.

First Round Proper

48 teams from Football League One and Football League Two become involved at this stage of competition. This round typically results in a purging of the 32 teams that have made it through qualifying rounds. Those doing some FA Cup betting will likely be looking at teams like Bristol City and Scunthorpe United to put away their first round opponents.

Second Round Proper

In the FA Cup fixtures, the second round proper will see the 40 teams that have progressed from the first round pitted against one another. This round could produce some interesting clashes depending on the draw. Match-ups between the teams topping the Football League One and Two tables are worth looking out for. 20 teams progress to the next round.

Third Round Proper

The third round proper is the traditional arena for FA Cup upsets with 44 teams from the Football League Championship and the Premier League entering the fray for the first time. Excellent FA Cup odds are available for some of these encounters. History has shown that determined amateurs are capable of ousting big-name clubs. Only 32 teams will make it through to the fourth round.

Fourth Round Proper

The business end of the competition. Big-name teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are expected to make it through, with the odd lower league team battling to the verge of football greatness. Only 16 teams will be left standing at the end of this round.

Fifth Round Proper

2008 FA Cup fixture with 16 teams, 8 matches. The hopes and dreams of millions rest on the shoulders of the players who contest this round. Those who make it into the final 8 are only three games away from football immortality.

Final Rounds

With any of the top eight clubs in the Premier League capable of beating one another on any given day, the three final rounds are tough to call. FA Cup betting markets become especially active from January onwards, and smart money is put on teams who have done it before.

Sixth Round Proper (Quarterfinals)

  • Matches: 4
  • Teams participating in round: 8
  • Number of teams qualifying for next round: 4


  • Matches: 2
  • Teams participating in round: 4
  • Number of teams qualifying for next round: 2

FA Cup Final

Check the FA Cup site for a full list of the official results from completed rounds, and for official FA Cup fixtures for the next round.