FA Cup Trivia

  • Manchester United FA Cup 3rd Round 2007Manchester United is the most successful of the FA Cup clubs in the history of the FA Cup. The Red Devils have won the cup 11 times and have been losing finalists on 7 other occasions.
  • Manchester United is also the only team to have taken the FA Cup after playing top-flight clubs in every round, in 1948.
  • In 1873, Wanderers enjoyed the privilege of playing in the first and last genuine challenge cup. They played only one game, the FA Cup Final, where they promptly beat Oxford University 3-0.
  • The FA Cup was once won without the winning team scoring a goal. In 1927, Cardiff City defeated Arsenal in the FA Cup Final, thanks to an own goal by Arsenal keeper Dan Lewis. This was also the only time that the FA Cup was taken outside England.
  • Derby County’s contribution to the collection of interesting FA Cup clubs triva is that this team was on the receiving end of the biggest thrashing in the history of the FA Cup finals. This happened in 1903 when Bury defeat Derby County 6-0 in that year’s FA Cup Final.
  • The FA Cup has been contested 126 times. In that time, 42 different clubs have taken the trophy.
  • FA Cup commentator Thomas Woodrooffe was forced literally to eat his hat in 1938. The score was 0-0 between Preston and Huddersfield in the 29th minute of extra time, when Woodrooffe commented he would eat his hat if a goal was scored. Seconds later George Mutch scored a penalty for Preston.
  • Leicester City has the dubious honour of having made it to the FA Cup Final the most times without going on to win the trophy. It has reached the finals four times in the history of the FA Cup and lost on every occasion – the last time being in 1963.
  • Liverpool’s 1986 FA Cup winning team featured only one player born in England – Mark Lawrenson. At the time, however, Lawrenson was playing international football for the Republic of Ireland.
  • An astonishing FA Cup fact is that Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann played the last 15 minutes of the 1953 FA Cup Final with a broken neck. Despite his serious injury, Trautmann pulled of a series of fine saves in the final minutes of the game, helping Manchester City to win against Birmingham City 3-1.