FA Cup Betting

The FA Cup is one of the most popular football betting events in the United Kingdom. As the United Kingdom’s only major open-division tournament, the FA Cup gives lower-flight minnows the opportunity to take on the pros from the Championship and Premier League, and these encounters routinely produce stunning upsets.

Part of the appeal of FA Cup betting is therefore using the match betting markets to score massive returns on wins by underdogs. Of course, there are over 70 additional betting opportunities available on each FA Cup match, with various FA Cup betting strategies available to help punters earn returns from their FA Cup bets.

Pool Betting

Betting pools are a favourite when betting on the FA Cup. Online pool betting vendors like totesport will open pools on results from a series of FA Cup matches, allowing players to scoop large jackpots if they can correctly predict the outcome of a series of FA Cup matches. In recent years traditional fixed odds bookmakers have also been getting in on the act, and are known to offer their own FA Cup betting pools as the tournament heads to a climax.

Fixed Odds Betting

There’s no shortage of fixed odds betting markets opened for FA Cup matches once the tournament reaches the third round. Many bookmakers offered 50 or more betting markets for each match, with top bookies also wooing their customers with money-back and free bet specials.

Live betting markets are also available from many top bookmakers, allowing football fans to bet on the action as it unfolds on the park. If you’re planning to follow the fixed odds route in your FA Cup betting, don’t miss out on our excellent and comprehensive odds comparison service.

Lay Betting

More punters convert to lay betting every day for their football betting needs. The appeal of betting against a football team in an FA Cup match is obvious – each lay bet covers two results: the other team winning and a draw.

Keep in mind that lay bets can be risky in this upset-prone competition, and that punters should do their homework on which teams are prospective giant killers, and which giants are susceptible to upsets before chalking up a big liability at a top betting exchange with their FA Cup betting.